Guest Post from our Customer – ZapWheels: Destination for 2-wheeler service

“Take care of small things and big things take care of themselves” – Emily Dickinson As I was surfing the web for a motorcycle service centre in Gurgaon, where deceit is as a mode of operation for automobile service providers, I… Continue Reading →

Accessories That Are A Must Have For Your Scooty

India and the Indian everyday commuters have a special love for two-wheelers in the country. It is one of the favourite choices when it comes to choosing vehicle for travel. And even from among two wheelers, the scooty gets to… Continue Reading →

Tips For Riding The Hot Trail This Summer On Your Royal Enfield

Winter is a long gone now and summer heat is at its peak and riding your mighty Royal Enfield can make you sweat quite a bit these days. So here are some quick tips to help you to beat the… Continue Reading →

When it comes to Bikes: The Mantra is Prevention is Better than Cure

I moved to Delhi from Kolkata during my first year of masters and have made this city my second home ever since. Leaving your city, your home is not easy especially when you just turned 20. I was nervous and… Continue Reading →

Tips For Riding Your Two-Wheeler Safe & Sound This Monsoon Season

The rainy season is indeed a boon for people in the Northern plains. After the fiery havoc that the summer wrecks upon us, the rains only come as a delightful departure from it. But along with this bliss, come the… Continue Reading →

Listen to your Bike’s Heart

“Har Engine kuch kahta hai” said my technician the other day. I smiled and marveled at the popular advertisement which had inspired this statement. And it also got me thinking. How often do we pause and listen to our bike’s heart, its… Continue Reading →

Tips For Bike Adventure From Delhi to Ladakh

The Delhi-Ladakh bike ride probably is one of the most satisfying journeys for bikers hailing from India. It offers the rider with lush green views, riveting landscapes, sensational riding experiences and a true sense of achievement. However, the trip isn’t… Continue Reading →

How my Moped Taught me a Very Important Lesson

Last week, I got the servicing of my Swish 125 done after almost 2 years. Shocked, aren’t you? When the qualities of laziness, procrastination and carelessness mingle with an extremely busy life, it generates such horrific effects. Not only was… Continue Reading →

Motorbike Service at Customer Convenience

“There is one last bike lying in the warehouse, I can get it for you if you want” said the dealer. “but you have to buy it immediately as this is quite a sought after bike”, he cautioned. Uttam looked… Continue Reading →

Driving through the “World’s most treacherous road”

It’s a thin line that separates ‘adventure’ from ‘foolishness’. I probably crossed that line when I embarked upon a family road trip to Kaza (H.P.) in my Fabia (affectionately called “Dhanno”). While the original plan was to go with a friend… Continue Reading →

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